Eco-logical biofilters made with

100% organic biomaterial
to decontaminate and reuse water.

I am ORGASORB inside™: a 100% organic carpet made with sustainable biosourced materials ready to be packed into filters or filtration modules to capture metals, pesticides and other complex organic elements dissolved into water – without energy.

#TheAnswerIsInNature  #Greennovaction

ORGASORB inside™ solves water pollution problems that used to result
expensive or difficult to implement.

ORGASORB inside™ is an adsorbent cleantechnology designed for tertiary treatment (polishing) of waters or effluents capturing a wide range of heavy metals even at the level of trace elements (ppb). ORGASORB ™ water solution is an eco-logical alternative to ion exchange resins with equal or greater efficiency for much cheaper installation and operation costs, without regeneration and without energy.

100% vegetal

A carpet made only with organic plants materials: a non-woven linen textile with a bioactivated tree bark embedded.

We open new fields to reuse water in processes or for organic quality irrigation.

Benefits for your budget, your competitiveness,

your brand, your community

and the Planet.

Simple and sober biotechnology.

It does not require energy in the water treatment process. Easy to implement in any water line.

Enabling to reuse water.

Decontaminates even highly polluted waters | Physical-chemical treatment of fresh water. It allows to avoid the pressure of the water resource and generate great savings. #MoreAndBetterWater

Highly efficient.

ORGASORB® technology uses and exacerbates the adsorption and ion exchange properties of 100% natural origin to capture metals and pesticides dissolved in effluents or water, even in small quantities (traces / ppb).


Its manufacture does not put any natural resources under pressure. The ORGASORB biomaterial uses a CO2 well (Vegetals) to produce MORE AND BETTER WATER enabling water reuse for water recycling, organic quality irrigation, reforestation or aquifer recharge.

Remove toxic pollutants from the Environment

It captures the physical-chemical contamination in an inert & irreversible way without risk for your staff. Once wasted, ORGASORB ™ inside cartridges are exchangeable with your local distributor.

Final provision secured.

Once saturated, the ORGASORB inside® cartridges fall into the category of "hazardous waste". They are recovered locally by our authorized Distributor who exchanges them for a new one and ensures their elimination in accordance with the national regulations & ORGASORB inside own standards.

Identified applications

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There are many more filtration applications to discover from the ORGASORB inside™ biomaterial even in circular economy, join us.

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